They wanted to charge him excess baggage and his "little trick" to not pay it went viral on networks

The flights “low cost” they became a world trend for tourism and not spending so much money. However, a traveler took the concept further at the Airport of Ezeiza Y his trick to save on luggage went viral on social media.

The passenger in question I was doing the “check-in” to board a flight to the Colombian city of Bogotá, when they informed him that his suitcase weighed more than allowed. As a consequence, the man took an unexpected decision not to pay for excess weight in your luggage.

This happened last Thursday in the Ezeiza International Airportwhen the traveler opened the suitcase he was carrying and began to take out clothes to put on top of the clothes he already had on.

In this way, as can be seen in the viralized images on Twitter, the tourist began to manipulate his belongings in a trick that many called “mooring”. He first put on swim shorts over the jeans he was wearing. And then, at high speed, he added a jog to his “outfit” to continue subtracting grams in the final balance.

At the same time, next to the particular protagonist is seen a companion who began to take the same measure. With the bag open and taking out clothes from inside, the other person was about to follow in the footsteps of her colleague so as not to pay the extra weight and add several layers of clothing to her look.

Passenger is putting on clothes to reduce the weight of the bag… at check-in now in Ezeiza. Flight to Bogota“wrote the user “Sir Chandler”who spread the video that went viral in a few hours.

Another Twitter user commented: “Instead of making a scandal as it usually happens, he loads his own clothes on his bodywell there, quite an example”. “Is it enough for you not to pay excess baggage Chandler?”, He asked about the scene that generated intrigue.

I guess! He kept pairs of socks in his pockets too ha ha ha”, Closed the man who captured the moment covertly.

Later he also shared with his followers a longer version of the hilarious scene on his YouTube channel and showed the full context of the viral moment. At the end of the clip, he added a scene from the famous series “Friends”where the character “Joey Tribbiani”who interpreted Matt LeBlancenters the department with a look similar to that of the traveler.

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