They rule out the return of organized crime to Torreón

The mayor of Torreón, Román Alberto Cepeda, ruled out that there is a return of organized crime groups in the municipality, after an armed attack occurred yesterday Wednesday in which a man was killed and a woman was injured, events that occurred in the south sector.

In this regard, Cepeda pointed out that, in a preliminary way, information was available that suggested that it was an event with personal motivations, although in any case the investigations by the State Prosecutor’s Office should be expected to progress.

“Now the lines of investigation will have to say what the motive is, but it is a strictly personal issue, apparently they indicate there, an issue apparently there are matters of a family, personal nature, and we have to wait, I think that before anything the lines of investigation, that the Prosecutor’s Office does the same, we trust that it will happen, but yes, everything indicates that it was apparently a strictly family issue”.

-Doesn’t that mean they’re back (crime groups)?

“No, no, not at all, I think it’s the last thing that can (happen), we have indicators and that doesn’t happen, it’s a strictly (personal) issue, we have to ratify it, we have to see the lines of investigation , (it was) personal and even family, but I didn’t want to, that will have to be given by the lines of investigation, but so far it seems that way “.

In the same way, the mayor asked the public to avoid being alarmed or panicked, since at the municipal level various actions have been carried out to deal with crime, in addition to reinforcing the police forces and in coordination with state authorities and even federal agencies, precisely to prevent the proliferation of organized crime groups.

“There is no need to generate (alarm), we have reduced the rates of insecurity by an average of 60 percent, I think we are on the right track, fortunately this is an isolated incident that everything indicates is a strictly family and personal issue, but well, I insist, and the lines of investigation will say, Torreón is at peace, Torreón is calm,” he said.


It should be remembered that on Wednesday morning an armed attack was recorded in the southern sector of the city, when a man on a motorcycle attacked the occupants of a private vehicle, resulting in the murder of a person, leaving another more injured; the alleged perpetrator escaped along with an accomplice on the motorcycle, without further details being provided until yesterday afternoon.

The event generated intense mobilization throughout the area, as well as comments and speculation on social networks, since it was an event that had not been regularly recorded for several years.

On the afternoon of the same Wednesday, the governor of Coahuila, Miguel Riquelme, reported the arrest of one of the possible perpetrators of that armed aggression.

The president thus highlighted the efforts of the State Prosecutor’s Office to locate the subject and advance in the investigations to clarify the facts.


Organized crime actions in Torreón are ruled out.

* After the violent death yesterday, Wednesday, the mayor, Román Alberto Cepeda, reported that it was related to a “personal” problem, this according to the first inquiries that were made known.

* He denied that there is activity by organized crime groups in the city of Torreón.

* Yesterday afternoon one of the possible perpetrators of the armed attack was arrested.

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