They raise funds for the transfer of the body of Ángel David, a young lagoon man murdered in the USA

Work friends of José Ángel Flores and Diana Treviño, parents of the young Ángel, who was murdered in the United States, came together to raise funds and achieve the transfer of the body.

Rafaela Zapata, general secretary of section 188 of the National Union of Workers of the Ministry of Health, commented that collections have been undertaken in the different health unitssince the parents of the young man are union members and co-workers.

José Ángel Flores works as a radiologist at the General Hospital of Lerdo and Diana Treviño is a nurse at the same health institution.

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“On the part of the committee, collections were undertaken in the units by the same colleagues who have been supportive. He was the son of two companions, who work at the General Hospital of Lerdo; We seek the support of all instances to resolve this painful situation for our colleagues,” Zapata said.

As a union leader, he launched a call to both the Government of Mexico and the State to provide a prompt solution so that Ángel’s parents achieve the transfer of his body when possible.

“Above all, that what they are saying is fulfilled,” she said energetically, since there are many politicians who have offered their help, however the family has not received legal guidance.

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Ángel David Flores Treviño died in California, USA, the victim of an armed attack

“The call is for what they are publicly making known to be fulfilled, which be given that support because he is a person who lived in Durangoin Gómez Palacio and the authorities they are asked for that support, that they do not comment on it, that they do so, ”he insisted.

Likewise, he explained that everything that is collected will be deposited this Wednesday in the accounts of either the father or the mother, so that they can obtain the greatest possible support, since they still do not know the cost that the transfer will represent at least Los Angeles, California, where the attack that took his life took place, to the border with Tijuana.

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