They provide professionals with tools to repair the damage of children and adolescents who have suffered violence

In the last seven years, the number of children and adolescents who have suffered some type of violence or abuse has increased exponentially, and consequently the situation of trauma due to negligence, psychological, physical or sexual abuse is alarming, so it is It is urgent to provide professionals with the necessary tools to repair the neurological and emotional damage suffered by the victims.

This was stated by the honorary president of DIF Torreón, Selina Bremer de Cepeda, within the framework of the inauguration of the course “Secure Attachment and Sandbox”, organized by the municipal system in conjunction with the Resilia Institute, Spanish Institute of Resilience, Foundation Humanae, DIF Coahuila and Grupo Surman, with the aim of providing intervention tools for mental health professionals who work with children and adolescents in vulnerable situations.


The mayor, Román Alberto Cepeda González, said that the exchange of information, training and training is important for Torreón, since they are an important part of security, entrepreneurship, investment attraction, and to build a better society.

“Building a fairer, more equitable, more balanced society is everyone’s task, today it occupies us in time and in a way to correspond to something that citizens gave us and that is invaluable, it is called trust,” he commented.

He said that the most important thing that Torreón has is its people and a peso invested in its people is a peso that is worth, that counts and transcends beyond an administration.

“Today we have to lead it and we have tried to do it with a deep sense of commitment and responsibility with the land that saw us born,” he said.

Selina Bremer said that this is the second training in collaboration with the Resilia Institute. She explained that it is a follow-up to the one that was carried out in February with the theme “Complex trauma and sexual abuse”, now with the approach of “Secure attachment and sandbox”. She indicated that Dr. Rafaela Santos and Noelia Mata Novillo are great professionals in world-class psychiatry and neuroscience.

“All of us who are present are fortunate to have this opportunity, professionals in the area of ​​psychology, psychiatry, personnel from the education sector, social workers, therapists and educators, personnel involved in emotional health care, Pronnif personnel, organizations of the civil society, as well as personnel from the state municipal DIFs,” he said.

The training was attended by personnel from the states of Nuevo León and Tamaulipas.

Laura López Willy, director of the Resilia Institute, told those present that the work they do as mental health caregivers is invaluable, since she knows the challenges they face daily when caring for children and adolescents.

The workshop in which 400 people participate and which will last three days, will help health professionals to have a better approach to the problems of patients who have suffered long-term early attachment relationships characterized by abuse, neglect or sexual abuse.

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