They officially presented the 2022 edition of the golf tournament "FINEX Cup"

With great expectation and great enthusiasm, this Thursday the the official launch of the “FINEX Cup” Golf Tournament in its 2022 editionwhich will include the participation of golfers from Salta and from the region, in what promises to be an exciting 36-hole tournament.

Get informedSalta was present at the launch where the good mood anticipated the eagerness for this event that will take place on June 25 and 26, carried out jointly between the consultant “Grupo FINEX” and the Salta Polo Club for the second time, not ruling out that they continue collaborating in the future.

“This 25 and 26 sIt will be the tournament with 36 holes, a nice challenge with 200 players, We will see who will be the best of the conference”, the CEO of the consultancy, the economist Álvaro Pérez, highlighted to this medium, emphasizing that “it is the second year that we have accompanied this event.”

Having said this, Pérez highlighted the desire for what will be a great golf competition to begin to throb. “We are eager for our friends from the interior to come, that’s why we launched it a week and a half before, so that people come, visit Salta and play in a nice tournament”, extended the invitation.

“At FINEX we love the values ​​of sport and art, and we want to transmit them”

For his part, Guillermo Arroyo, treasurer of the Salta Polo Club, also added his enthusiasm. “It is a tournament that We put a lot of heart and soul into it, we hope it will be successful. and with the amount of registrations it will be, time will help us and we are waiting for that weekend to arrive”, he declared.

Finally, he anticipated that the participation of golfers from Salta Polo, the Jockey Club, La Loma Golf Club, competitors from Jujuy, Tucumán and even those who arrive from Santiago del Estero saying present is expected.

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