They locate a lagoon man who disappeared when returning from Mazatlán to Gómez Palacio

The nightmare ended for Alma Lilie, because after almost a week of not knowing anything about her husband Rafael Ibarra Negrete, they are finally home together.

In an interview for El Siglo de Torreón, Alma Lilie reported that on her return trip to Mazatlán, Sinaloa, where she went to file a complaint for the disappearance of her husband since Friday, July 29, During the early hours of yesterday, Friday, he received a call from Rafael’s cell phone.a fact that made her suspicious after being the victim of false calls and extortion after she made her case public.

“He told me that he was in Cuencamé, that if I could go for him because he didn’t have gasoline or money… that he was fine, that the car only had a hit… yes, I hesitated at first because the calls didn’t come through, nothing. .. and how unfortunately I began to receive extortion calls even to my relatives … yes I was afraid to answer the call, maybe it was someone else, “he said.

However, hearing his voice, she immediately knew it was him. but “I felt a hole in my stomach because I was afraid to arrive and that he was threatened, kidnapped, something like that… but I went, he didn’t give me the head to tell someone”.

Alone she took the road to meet her husband until he saw her.

Already together, her husband told her that during their trip back from Mazatlán, took the free highway to Gómez Palacio.

“Walking in the mountains, some trucks began to chase him, without license plates, tinted windows, he says they were some ‘trucks’, chamuco march… they were chasing him all day… he hit the car until night fell and Nobody was following him.”

With fear, he stayed to sleep in his car to avoid being followed, until the next day he took the road in the car, but the gasoline ran out.

Rafael told him that he walked to get gasoline, until he found a house where he was received by a person with a gun in his handthat although he gave him a couple of bottles of gasoline, he took all the money he had.

Her husband was lost and it was until Thursday, “she says that she began to locate herself when she saw the hill of the whale”, and already in Cuencamé, he asked for a charger where he could to be able to communicate with her.

Alma says that her husband is physically well, “he does have affected feet, cuts, blisters, the tennis shoes he was wearing have holes and ripped pants, and he is somewhat dehydrated,” she said.

Now that the nightmare is over, he said that they will return to Sinaloa to inform the Prosecutor’s Office of that entity about their case.

Alma thanked the shows of support from relatives and people who joined, as well as the Attorney General of Durango, Daniel Rocha, who finally did communicate with her, but the meeting was not achieved due to the transfer to Mazatlán.

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