They found a gendarme dead in Corrientes: he had a shot in the head

The Police investigate the death of a gendarme in the Corrientes town of Santo Tomé. As detailed, the man was found shot in the head in his home located on Parque Beltrán street.

This is Alfredo Vivero, 39 years old and the case was labeled “homicide”.

The member of the National Gendarmerie was a native of the town of Pirane, province of Formosa, and lived in that town for about 3 years, where he served on the international bridge between Santo Tome and San Borja.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon when the body of 39-year-old gendarme Alfredo Viveros was found in his apartment. In the house, the Police found Viveros kneeling with a shot to the temple and with a stocking on his head, said the Urgent Santo Tome portal.

Another fact that was added to the investigation was that the victim’s cell phone found inside the building appeared completely incinerated inside a pot.
In addition, local versions indicate that Viveros carried out a parallel activity as a lender, published by the newspaper El Litoral de Corrientes.

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