They denounce that INE used 78 thousand million pesos in personal expenses

MEXICO CITY.- According to the draft opinion on constitutional reform in electoral mattersthe Chapter 1000 Personal Services of the National Electoral Institute (INE) of 2015 a 2023they spent 78 thousand 932 million pesoswhile for the next year, of the 20 thousand 221 million authorized for its budget, said item will use 11 thousand 178 million.

This project indicates that “The INE is a large and bureaucratic body.”

For his part, he chapter 1000 It has the following concepts that help to understand the expenses:

  • Salaries of permanent staff
  • Temporary staff salaries
  • Additional and special remunerations
  • Social Security
  • Other social and economic benefits
  • Salary forecasts
  • Payment of incentives to public servants

In 2023the stimulus payment will be thousand 384.96 million.

They denounce that INE used 78 thousand million pesos in personal expenses. Photo: File

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Equivalencies and distribution of budgets

The newspaper the day indicated that what was spent by the INE under chapter 1000 during these nine yearsare equivalent to the money expected in the Pone year expense report for dependencies like Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation, what will it have 77 thousand 411 millionplus it is almost 10 times the government spendingwhich is estimated to be 7 thousand 868 millionor also the cost of the Congress almost five years, which adds up to a total of 15 thousand 994 million.

In 2023, Agriculture will have a budget of 70 thousand 527 million; Environment of 75 thousand 627 million, and the expense of conacyt is expected to 31 thousand 655.

For its part, the draft opinion presents a analysis of the Center for Public Finance Studies of the chamber, which calculates that, if the measures proposed by the Executive regarding cut spending by parties, reduction of electoral advisors and reduction of deputies and senators, there will be savingsand 6 thousand 244.1 million pesos per year.

This amount would be distributed as follows:

  • Elimination of party financing: 5 thousand 936 million
  • Elimination of four electoral advisers: 17.6 million
  • Eliminate 200 deputies and 32 senators: 290.5 million

At the same time, Brunette has calculated that eliminate the addresses and unify the structures of the institutein addition to prohibiting the rental of real estate, would result in a cut in 3 billion pesos.

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Mexico: One of the countries that spends the most on electoral and political matters

By 2023, it was approved that the INE would receive a total of 20 thousand 221 millionthe Senate 4 thousand 728 million and the Chamber of Deputies 8 thousand 572 million.

To the disappear public electoral bodies and the dissolution of electoral courtsthe study center points out that there will be a unique savings of 6 thousand 788 million pesos.

This ruling also explains that Mexico is one of the countries that uses more public funds for electoral spending and activities of political institutes in Latin America.

As an example, in the 2018 electionindependent parties and candidates for electoral activities were given the equivalent of 113.62 million dollars, positioning itself in second place only below Brazil what did you use 478.11 million dollars.

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