They arrested another member of the Castedo clan with more than 100 kilos of cocaine

In the framework of an investigation, personnel from the Catamarca Information Collection Unit and members of the Santiago del Estero Information Collection Unit and Squad 59; carried out last night the search of two buildings located in the town of La Banda, seizing 175 kilos of cocaine and seven members of an organization dedicated to drug trafficking were arrested. It transpired that among them would be a member of the band narco known as the “Clan Castedo”.

Judicial sources indicate that among those who were detained in the last few hours is specifically one of the brothers of Reynaldo Delfin Castedo, the leader of the organization who remains imprisoned for causes related to drug trafficking, published The Ancasti.

The investigations allowed to determine that part of those involved were traveling from Salta to Buenos Aires, with narcotics. They were traveling in three vehicles, but due to a mechanical problem in one of the cars they would have stopped in the city of La Banda in Santiago del Estero.

Given this situation, and through the support of the “Santiago del Estero” Information Gathering Unit, it was possible to establish the place where these people were staying, as well as a second address where the vehicle was allegedly under guard in the that the illicit substance indicated was possibly being transported.


It was thus that the intervening magistrate ordered the raids. Inside the first building, they detected that there was a truck with a double bottom compartment that concealed 181 packages, a total of 175 kilos 965 grams of cocaine. In addition, they seized seven vehicles, five shotguns, two revolvers, cash, a precision scale, cell phones, documentation and arrested four people.

At the second address, three other subjects were detained.

Agents from the “Catamarca” and “Santiago del Estero” Information Gathering Units, Squad 59, and the National Gendarmerie Anti-Drug Operations Squad participated in this procedure.

the mark of the dolphin

Five years ago Reynaldo Delfín Castedo was one of the most wanted drug lords in the country. He is currently in custody after being a fugitive for nearly a decade. Since he was deprived of his freedom, like his brother, Raúl “Hula” Amadeo Castedo, both were transferred to the federal prison of General Güemes, in Salta, from where in 2020 they left for the Ezeiza maximum security prison in Buenos Aires. In September of last year, in Rosario de Santa Fe and the city of San Nicolás, province of Buenos Aires, security forces broke up a drug gang and seized cocaine loaves that had a logo with a dolphin similar to the one used by the transnational drug gang. of the Castedo clan.

The moment one of the Castedos was arrested

After the operations, four people were arrested accused of being part of a drug organization. The arrests were made in the framework of an operation baptized as “White Wind”, it was carried out by personnel from the Police of the Province of Buenos Aires who He managed to seize the drug valued at about $25,000,000.

The researchers determined that some of the seized cocaine loaves had a logo similar to the one used by the transnational drug-criminal organization led by Reynaldo Delfín Castedo, the “Patrón del Norte”, and arrested in 2016, there is a history of kidnappings of these logos during March and April of last year in Santa Fe, and in Saavedra, province of Buenos Aires.

In May of last year, the debate against the brothers Delfín and Raúl Castedo, for the aggravated homicide against rural producer Liliana Ledesma (37), murdered in 2006 in Salvador Mazza. Meanwhile, in the Federal jurisdiction, the trial against the Castedos and other people was being processed in the framework of a mega-case where they are accused of illicit association, cover-up and violation of the National Narcotics Law. It is a case with about 70 bodies, seven defendants, and where the Federal Justice plans to hear more than 200 witnesses.

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