There is great pain in Atlético Tucumán for the death of a 21-year-old youth

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“Atlético Tucumán regrets to report the death of Fabricio Navarro, a player in the institution’s training divisions. We accompany his family and friends with respect and affection at this difficult time,” added the institution through its official Twitter account.

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For his part, Mario Ávila, secretary of Atlético Tucumán, made a statement on television with the program “Buen Día”, from the province of Tucumán: “He was 21 years old and spent many years in the club; he was part of the school and went through the lower ones. Now he was coming back from an injury and getting ready in the First (division) of the League (Tucumana de Fútbol).”

The player’s death occurred at his home

“After training, he came home and had a snack. Then he went to rest, but unfortunately the fact was over when they went to look for him,” The director concluded on the tragic outcome of Navarro.

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