There are 22 people waiting for a kidney transplant in the Los Ríos region

CONTEXT | Christopher Escobar | ONE Agency


22 people are waiting for a kidney transplant in the Los Ríos region, according to the Seremi de Salud, José Llambias. On average, the process takes approximately three years.

In the context of the kidney week, the Health Seremi in Los Ríos, Jose Llambias, reported that in the region 22 people are waiting for a kidney transplant, receiving chronic dialysis, until the arrival of a new organ that adapts to their requirements.

The health authority added that these patients are registered on the waiting list of the Base Hospital of Valdivia.

Besides, it was indicated that there is a committee that determines the priority before organ donation, as required by a kidney transplant.

“There is an order, a committee and the way in which it is done is very delicate, how they are carried out according to priorities. Besides, we must call a little to the incentive of organ donation”, the professional said.

Asked about the approximate waiting time for each patient to receive a transplant, Llambías said that many of them wait between 2 to 3 years.

From the Seremi de Salud they are carrying out activities of awareness and visibility around kidney disease.

The foregoing, in charge of the health programs section and its cardiovascular rehabilitation and disability program.

One of them was the installation of an information stand in the Mall Plaza de Los Ríos. The place has dialysis supplies and personnel taking blood pressure, hemoglucotest and anthropometric measurements.

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