“The World of Demons” by Sally Green

In the recommended books of this day, the suggestion is the world of demons from the Gran Travesía publishing house, by the acclaimed writer Sally Green.

the world of demons by Sally Green. SPECIAL / EDITORIAL STAMP GREAT JOURNEY.

marciothat loyal servant who is consumed by the desire to avenge his people, along with Edion he separates from the group to travel to Calidor. While Tashthe demon hunter, hunkers down in the tunnels of the demon world in hopes of learning more about its mysterious denizens, only to soon discover that the tunnels hold their own dangers.

For its part, katherinethe new princess of Pitoria, sees the perfect time to show people who doubt her, just because she is a woman, that she is capable of performing the same duties as a manand together with ambrose, a soldier as a traitor, will take the reins of the war. Defy his father, the king aloysiusand his entire army is a task where allies are key, but how will he be able to katherine distinguish your allies from your enemies?

About the author

Sally Green is an unusual author. In 2010 she began writing without ever having written before, and her trilogy A Hidden Life became one of the hits of the modern YA novel.

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