The wiretapping of a man who was detained knowing that the murderer was his son

He was deprived of his liberty for four months, until the investigation took a 180 degree turn and targeted his son, humberto. The latter ended up sentenced to life in prison after a jury trial that took place last week.

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In that debate, one of the key pieces of evidence was the telephone conversations that Navia Sr. had during his stay in prison. In a dialogue he had on July 2 of that year with another of his children, the man assured that “he is going to have to take charge or surrender. I don’t know what he is going to do. I don’t know what he has in his head. I already found out that it’s Humberto, he’s stuck in there, what the hell, I have a fight“.

The next day, Guillermo Navia spoke with his own brother, to whom he confirmed that “We already know who was involved with Gisela. It was Humberto. You’re not going to say anything, eh!”

With this evidence plus other testimonies that were made in the trial, twelve citizens considered that Humbertito Navia was the author of the crime of aggravated homicide for mediating gender violence.

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Humbertito Navia ended up sentenced to life imprisonment for the femicide of María Gisela Villafañe.

Crime in Guaymallen

The body of Gisela Villafañe was found on May 8, 2019 in a vacant lot located in the Sueños Cumplidos neighborhood. She had bruises on different parts of her body and even a piece of her face was missing, but a severe head trauma was what took his life. They had even ripped off much of her face.

The first arrested for the femicide was Guillermo Navia who was the partner of the fatal victim. He fell that same day. There was a history of gender violence against Gisela Villafañe. However, he ended up disassociated from the cause by turning the investigation towards his son, the humberto, and another young man suspected of having abused and killed the victim. The last of them was dismissed because the Prosecutor’s Office considered it proven that he had consensual sexual relations with the victim – it also emerged from the wiretapping. The third hypothesis suggested that Humberto Navia killed the young woman because he said he was taking money from his father.

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