The third meeting of Sáenz Peña Innova took place

On Friday night, at the Municipal Cultural Center, in the presence of the mayor of Sáenz Peña, Bruno Cipolini, the third delivery of Sáenz Peña Innova was held, by the Secretary of Local Development and the director of Technological Linkage, of the United Nations entity Cifal Argentina – Unitar, Juan Pablo Conte.

The new edition of the Innova Program, designed by the team of the CiFal Argentina Agency, a United Nations entity, aims to involve the participants in a world of creativity and initiatives, motivating them to the challenge that entrepreneurship means.

On the occasion, the mayor thanked the team, and expressed the objective of the management to deepen local development; and, specifically about work, he said: “The world is changing at a dizzying pace that increasingly requires more specific knowledge and skills, and each time presents greater challenges.”

Including youth, adults and seniors in the activities, he stressed that, “This type of proposal has to do with offering a possibility from the local State, from the municipal government; to be a help wheel for those who want to venture into this type of activity”.

Finally, he highlighted the possibility of transforming the community.


It is worth mentioning that This world-class program also transmits knowledge in simple language and is a permanent technical guide that considers the socio-environmental aspects of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Regarding Sáenz Peña, it is necessary to mention that the city is the only one that proposes this activity, with the intention of expanding the program to the entire region, first, and with the support of the local municipality.

In this sense, the mayor received recognition from the United Nations Cifal Argentina – Unitar, for declaring innovation of municipal interest and promoting the development of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In addition, it should be mentioned that more than 446 people have participated in the different deliveries of the program, both online and in person, for which they will receive their certificates.

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