The That 70s actor who championed Avatar and James Cameron

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Less than a month before the premiere of the sequel Avatara weak performance could cancel the fourth and fifth part.

Avatar: the path of water.© IMDbAvatar: the path of water.

We are getting closer to the premiere of Avatar: The Way of the Water, a sequel to a film that arrived in 2009 and marked a before and after in the world of animation for the big screen. Led by figures like Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthingtonshowed us a world in which the advancement of humanity seemed to endanger it, but the appearance of a rebel soldier named Jake Sully who became the hero of these aliens.

For many, the comparison with the argument of Pocahontas it was evident. However, this did not shake the performance of a production which, for 20th century fox it was an important step. Avatar it became the highest-grossing film in history and broke all sales records. In fact, despite the fact that a few years ago he lost his job with Avengers: Endgamepicked it up with the first post-pandemic cinema openings.

Now, in less than a month, we’ll be able to see the sequel that took over a decade to arrive. It is Avatar: The Way of the Waterwhich will bring us back to Jake Sully and Neytiri but this time with a formed family. In what appears to be absolute tranquility where the peace seems perfectly stable, the appearance of an ancient and well-known enemy is going to put both this family and everyone in that family in danger. pandora.

One of the most important points of Avatar: The Way of the Water This requires technological innovation in animation. It is enough to see the official trailer to realize that we are going to be confronted with a new cinematic phenomenon. To this, we must add that we hope that the visual effects will improve even more with the final cut that we see on the big screen. However, that hasn’t stopped criticism from popping up both for the sequel’s delay and what to expect from it. But james cameron he has his army of defenders, among whom is a star of the small screen.

+ The That 70s show figure who backed the Avatar sequel

With the idea that a poor performance at the box office can ruin the filming of avatar 4 Yes avatar 5, james cameron He’s already come out to say he’s considering the idea of ​​putting said sequels on hold. However, Topher Graceprotagonist of that the 70s show who gave life to Eric Forman came to his defense. “Fuck the haters, this movie looks amazing”assured the actor in a post that has almost 18 thousand love. Do you have faith in the film?

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