the Stranger Things crossover with Dark we need


The series interpreted by Millie Bobby Brown could perfectly fit into the fiction directed by Louis Hofmann. Review all their commonalities!

The crossover that could exist between Stranger Things and Dark.©NetflixThe crossover that could exist between Stranger Things and Dark.

The release of the last two episodes of the fourth season of stranger things clarified one thing: subscribers to netflix I love the series created by the duffer brothers and they are able to formulate all kinds of theories. Since its premiere on the platform in 2016, the fiction has accumulated millions of fans around the world and that is why many of them are speculating about a possible crossing with other fiction from the streaming giant. But… What exactly do loyal fans of Hawkins events need?

There are many factors to think about a crossing of stranger things with another story. One of the most discussed is probably Article, the film released in 2017 under the direction of Andy Muschietti which takes up the novel of the same name by Stephen King and shows a group of children facing terror. In fact, one of the protagonists is none other than finn werewolfWho’s playing Mike Wheeler in the science fiction series. However, there is a Netflix production that could very well fit into the same universe.

It is DarkGerman production featuring louis hofman which begins when the disappearance of a child forces four families on a desperate search, leading them to uncover a mystery that spans three generations. Sound familiar? is that the starting point of stranger things is when the disappearance of Will Byers as Noah Schnapppushes his friends and family to go in search of the little one, thus discovering the famous Upside Down.

This is not the only common point between the two Netflix series. Moreover, one could speak of the link that exists between neighbor, the big bad guy who is responsible for deaths like Chrissy or Fred. It’s not too far from Darkwhere Noah kidnaps children and uses them to test a prototype time machine, downloading the lives of Mads Nielsen, Erik Obendorf and Yasin Friese.

The time at which it takes place is not a minor fact: even if Dark takes place in different stages, one of them takes place in 1986, the year of the fourth installment of stranger things. While in the first of them they seek time travel, in the second they have the ability to transport themselves between dimensions through portals.

Science fiction runs through both stories: while in Dark Some experiments and a nuclear power plant are shown in the city of To broadenin stranger things we know everything about the laboratory falcons where children are named with numbers and used to test powers like telekinesis. Without a doubt, the two stories have endless commonalities and it would be ideal if Netflix decided to crossover their characters or, at the very least, wink at one of them.

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