The project of a Peronist senator to avoid “loose paper” subsidies

After the scandal caused by the case of Hector Bonarricothe block of senators of the Front of All – PJ presented a Project in order to make transparent the use of public funds allocated to civil associations. Specifically, it is detailed in the initiative that subsidies of more than three million pesos pass through the Legislature and they have not been reported solely through the Official Gazette.

The Peronist Senator Peter Serra presented a bill so that the Executive must send to the provincial Legislature, “for its corresponding ratification”, all subsidies for civil society organizations that are equal to or greater than three million pesos.

“From the case Bonarrico It has become clear that there is not enough transparency in the delivery of money and public funds to civil associations by the State. We firmly believe that transparency must be given and all Mendoza must know where the State funds go and what they are used for when they are delivered to civil associations, “he explained. Saw.

The case involving pastor Héctor Hugo Bonarrico resonated in the province.

The legislator from San Rafael also added that in said municipality “this mechanism already exists and that it serves not only to make the entire process transparent, but also what it does is that the representatives must agree on whether the destination of those funds is the Right”.

“Until now we have only learned about these agreements through the Official Gazette and in the case of Bonarrico It was clear that it was an arrangement made in the dark, behind the scenes and we believe that it is necessary that all agreements greater than three million pesos go through the Legislature so that everyone knows. In addition, it would be approved with a simple majority, even knowing that the ruling party has a majority,” the legislator completed.


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