The problems continue at the School of Music: teachers denounce that they have not been paid for 2 years

The claims inside of Music school continue. A few days ago, students complained about the lack of teachers in the second year and now the Teachers denounce that they have not been paid their salary for two years.

In this regard, one of the victims told we are salta that the problem arises in the fifth year of teaching Instruments. “The resolution with the file that corresponds to the payment of 9 teachers has not yet been enabled, which We have been without salary for 2 years and the teachers that have come to work, that we have not missed, that we have done our job accordingly. And there have already been graduates in these 2 years of work. All the responsibility that this implies, you have to think that it is not a good incentive for the teacher not to pay his salary, ”he said.

In this sense, he assured that there is no logical explanation for the situation if they do not feel the abandonment by the State. “The file has been drawered these two years. In March of this year, the teachers made all the claims to the supervision and the supervisor did not know about this issue, which helped us a lot to be able to restore and make a new file, the same procedure twice and this new file has been stalled since on August 23 in the office of Mr. Gonzalo Pellegrini in the Grand Bourg and unfortunately there are no responses. We have gone to the Grand Bourg many times to work, talk, ask questions and the answer is there is no money, which seems like a joke to me.”, he expressed.

Likewise, it was regretted that they have to search to be able to cover their needs when their work is done. “No one has stopped doing their job honestly, I would like their remuneration to be the same way”, he stated.

Finally, he questioned whether they see school as an expense when in reality it should be an investment in culture. “We have brought out for 50 years excellent musicians, composers, artists who are currently working internationally. This is a very strong devaluation of the trajectory of the institution”, he concluded.

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