“The Powerful Victory” begins its journey

East November 24 The movie came to theaters in the country. ‘The Mighty Victory’ (2021)written and directed by Raúl Ramón –it is his debut feature– and with Gerardo Oñate, Damián Alcázar and Joaquín Cosío as leads in an all-star cast; thus, this independent film culminates a process of more than four years of production. Interview with THE REPORTER Oñate comments that his film “comes to change the tone of violence, drug trafficking, misery, comedy or terror; I think he proposes a new narrative and he does it beautifully and professionally”.

According to the story, in 1936the mining town The hopein the Mexican desert, receives the news of the closure of its main economic engine, and with this the cancellation of the railway route, the only means of communication with civilization. Durán, the young mechanic, sees his dream of becoming a train driver frustrated and he will have to choose between giving up his roots and the love of his life, or helping the villagers, who have an insane plan to build their own steam train.

Take your time

For the young actor Gerardo Oñate, who became an actor at the age of 30 years old on the advice of his teacher, paulino partida“who invited me to a casting, and a few months later they told me that I would have the leading role and now, finally, the process for a film that has been in the making for a long time has come to an end and is a sign that cinema, especially independent cinema, Take your time”.

He didn’t find out about the cast until filming began, says the actor, “and with so many important names, if I was committed, I was twice as committed. I think a team was created, behind the scenes, that worked very well. Now we come to another stage of a long process (for the director, getting the project off the ground took him almost ten years), and I think it’s the stage we were waiting for, when the tape reaches people.”

keep trying

In Oñate’s opinion, this film “turns around the tone with which it exists today in Mexican cinema; It’s not a bad thing, I think we have to deal with all existing problems, but it’s also worth making films that make you feel good, smile and go to sleep peacefully. ‘The Mighty Victory’ comes like this to give refreshed the panorama and brings important issues to the discussion: fighting against divisionism and be an allegory of the country, where we have to unite to achieve things”.

Likewise, the actor confirms that he has been able to verify that, when he sees her, “people leave happy. And they want to share it. Because I think they want to go back to see movies. Releasing the film these days will allow us to see if we can be a watershed, and hopefully all those who want to make movies and have their own script saved will see it, who see that it is possible to do things and don’t stop trying”.

A careful work

Now, Oñate comments that the director emphasizes in his film that it is “easy to understand, and is based on the influences of Raul, and it is a film composed of very beautiful moments. That speaks of the eye of Raúl, who is a cinematographer, although he now directs, writes and produces. His work is very careful, he always said that there was no money but there was time, and I think the result is very enjoyable (also because of the excellent soundtrack by Fernando Velázquez)”.

Therefore, consider the actor, ‘The Mighty Victory’ it is a good bet to attract the public, “and it is designed to be enjoyed on the big screen, with fantastic sound; Hopefully people will summon and return to reactivate this Mexican film industry. It’s not the same as always, and if you don’t believe me, go see it; I think they will like it.”

everything is possible

The film, Oñate insists, “It is proof that films of this size can be made, without the support of the federal stimulus, but we must not stop insisting; Raúl is an example, precisely, that projects can be carried out. Hopefully there will be more and more independent films, I believe that everything is possible: change the tone, generate an industry and market it”.

Thus, more than a dramatic or comic film or any other kind, the actor refers, “it is an adventure, with characters that feed the color and diversity of our country, and I think that makes people identify with this story. This film is to go to the cinema; it will make them feel good and they will return home with a feeling of warmth and emotion, its characters are endearing and I think that must be the cinema we should bet on”.

‘THE MIGHTY VICTORY’ (2021)/ Vertigo Films

  • Directed by: Raúl Ramón
  • Screenplay: Raúl Ramón
  • Photography: Raúl Ramón
  • Music: Fernando Velazquez
  • Cast: Damián Alcázar/ Gerardo Oñate/ Joaquín Cosío/ Roberto Sosa/ Alberto Trujillo/ Luis Felipe Tovar/ Eduardo España/ Javier Zaragoza/ Edgar Vivar/ Adal Ramones/ Said Sandoval/ Daniel Martínez/ Alonso Echánove/ Ana Monterrubio/ Paulino Partida/ José Sefami / Andy Chavez de Moore/ Cornelio Garcia/ Martha Morales/ Lorena de la Torre



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