The Polo Obrero points against Sergio Massa for his "adjustment policies"

The leader of Worker Pole, Edward Bellibonihighlighted that the measures of the new Minister of Economy, Productive Development and Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Serge Massa, they only “promise more rates and adjustments for workers and retirees.” The leader’s phrase was given in an organizational session of the plenary session of the Clasista Trade Union Coordinator-PO.

The leader of the Polo Obrero Eduardo Belliboni.

Belliboni pointed out that “the Piquetera Unit’s plan of struggle will be part of our deliberation because the measures announced by Serge Massa they only promise more tariffs and adjustments for workers and retirees” and that “after the measure of August 10 we will be part of an alternative demonstration. On August 17 we will go with our own flags, in unity of the employed and the unemployed.”

The piquetero leader clarified a series of strategic questions regarding the social movements: “For us the question of the national strike and the plan of struggle is strategic, it is about the workers intervening in the crisis with our demands and debating a way out in our terms, which are opposite to those of the IMF, with whose adjustment plan the entire political leadership of the false crack agrees,” declared Belliboni along with other leaders of social movements.

The organizing session of the plenary session of the Clasista Trade Union Coordinator-PO.

The agenda proposed by the thousand class-oriented, union and piqueteros delegates who met in the main hall of the Faculty of Social Sciences is as follows: on August 10 there will be a mobilization of the Piquetero Unit and for the 17th there is another agreed march towards Plaza de Mayo for a national strike and a plan of struggle.

The following issues will be taken as points of importance: the campaign against the criminalization of fighters, support for anti-bureaucratic lists in CTA Y terathe promotion of new unions in Private Houses and Teachers of La Rioja and the rejection of the adjustment plan of Massa and a program for the exit of workers from the crisis.

Belliboni He ended the speech saying that “at the same time we will debate the fight for a minimum wage of $105,000 that covers the basic basket before the call of the Salary Council for the 18th.”


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