It is impossible to deny that Chile is undergoing substantive and profound changes. The social outbreak, added to the global crisis brought about by the pandemic, contributed to a profound transformation of the country and, consequently, of people and consumers.

In this new context, brands have been challenged: it is no longer enough to offer products that meet needs. Today they must go further and be innovative, have a relevant purpose, along with unavoidably assuming their commitment to society, culture and the environment. This transformation phenomenon has given companies and brands the unique opportunity to reconnect with the true needs of people, and be part of the solutions that society expects.

This is where “citizen brands” take on a fundamental value, by putting society at the center of the business. And in this search for meaning and value, agencies are a strategic actor, where the role played by creativity in communication is at the service of the transformation and sustainability of their clients’ businesses.

During these last two years, the great challenge of the world of advertising has been to become aware of the profound social changes that have been taking place in the country, along with incorporating greater technology and digitization. Today it is necessary to adapt to a new scenario, where not only do consumers’ preferences radically change, but so do their aspirations, expectations, opinions, and of course, their relationship with brands.

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