The Municipality assures that there were no problems during the survey in the Ex Palúdica

After employees of the Ex Palúdica denounced that municipal workers, who will be in charge of the works to enhance the value of the building located on Paseo Güemes, announced days ago by the mayor Bettina Romero, they entered abruptly to do a surveyfrom the Municipality deny such a situation.

According to the data and the material that reached the editorial office of informSalta, the employees of the Vector Control Base, which works in the building, they would have been surprised when the municipal workers burst into the buildingapparently abruptly.

It is that, based on the data received by our media, these municipal officials entered without prior notice, breaking a door, surprising the people who were in the Palúdica, who said that they even broke some padlocks.

In this sense, from the Municipality they assured Get informedSalta what there was no violence and the survey was done in buildings where there are no offices, therefore there are no people working. They are empty and in very poor condition.

In this sense, they advanced that next Monday they will meet again with the workers who are in the central building to tell you what the survey will be like in that space.

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