The Municipality analyzes that the passage of groups is free to go to vote

The Municipality of Bahía Blanca is studying the possibility that the urban bus service works for free this Sunday, so that people can go to vote without inconvenience, and the decision could be officially announced in the next few hours.

The measure would be similar to others recently adopted by the Nation, the Province and different jurisdictions. Through resolution 312/2021, the Ministry of Transportation of the Nation had already arranged in the last hours the free provision of public transport automotive, urban and suburban rail of national jurisdiction for the PASO and the general of November.

The idea, then, is that this regulation is reflected in our city, although in the last hours some questions had to be confirmed beyond its gratuity: the point passed by if, that day, access to vehicles and any could travel, or while SUBE machines are unlocked and trips are recorded, for statistical purposes.

What is known is that on the day of the PASO a special schedule and frequencies will be implemented for a Sunday, since normally on those days a very reduced scheme is worked. As for the gratuity, it is not yet clear what will happen.

“We still need some conversations with those responsible for the SUBE system and with the Province, and tomorrow (for today) there will surely be definitions in this regard,” the general director of Urban Mobility, Ramiro Frapiccini, said yesterday at LU2. We have already defined that there will be many schedules available and the possibility that the trip is free is still being evaluated ”.

The official from Bahia, in conversation with the program Company News, clarified that one of the questions that remain to be defined is “if the doors of the buses are opened and anyone goes up, whether or not they have a SUBE card, or else the system is unlocked for the passenger to support the card and register their trip, so that we can know how many people got up ”and these trips can be subsidized.

“Only that remains to be defined,” he explained.

Frapiccini recognized, among other things, that they are in talks with the Province so that the route of line 520, between Cabildo and Bahía Blanca, can be taken as provincial so that this Sunday is also free.

On the other hand, he highlighted that since the beginning of the month, when face-to-face classes were fully enabled and there were no health bubbles in schools, there was an increase in the number of people using the urban transport service in Bahía Blanca .

Currently, the percentage of daily passengers is 55%, with respect to the prendemic levels.

“This does not mean that it has risen enormously or that we have recovered the prepandemic values. Today we have 55% of the amount of trips we had at the beginning of March last year and there are also many more schoolchildren using the buses, “he said.

In that sense, he stressed that schedule adjustments are being carried out on all lines, in addition to reviewing some routes and reactivating others to meet the demand to and from the city’s schools.

The lines that could undergo some changes could be 512, 503 express, 500 and 519, among others.

“We are working on the new routes, but this requires prior logistics. The idea is to implement everything so that from Monday people have a better service –he remarked-. Today we are working at 80% of the pre-pandemic benefit. The remaining adjustments are not so great and, with these modifications, we want to get closer to 90% ”.

Finally, Frapiccini recognized that it is necessary for people to consult the official page to be aware of the schedules and the new services that are being added.

“Our idea is to go back to the pre-school hours, but we still can’t do it 100%. Now we are making adjustments according to the people who are traveling, who are not yet the ones who traveled before, ”he said.

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