The moving message from Susana Giménez’s sister for her son’s health

Carolina Giménez Aubert, Susana Giménez’s sister, posted a message on her Instagram account, where she spoke about the health of her daughter, Francisco Linder, who was discharged a few days ago after the accident she suffered in Uruguay.

“Thanks to God and the Virgin for saving me. Thanks to you, Paco, my gladiator. I love you miraculous louse!” He expressed in one of the posts.

Carolina highlighted the work of the people who intervened to rescue Francisco from the car and attend to him after the accident. “Thanks to the doctors of Caamepa Pando, who made the first assistance. Thanks to the doctors and nurses of the British Hospital, the best in the world! I fell in love with you!”, she added.

Finally, Susana’s sister highlighted the great work of a person who helped her son a lot. “Thank you Leonardo Cipiani for saving my son’s life. My life will not be enough to thank you. God put you in their path to help them. And thanks to the nurse and the police who helped get him out of the car,” he sentenced.

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