The man attacked by an Migration official in El Dorado speaks – Political Parties – Politics

The video generated outrage and the entity initiated a process against the aggressor. On the other hand, Senator Gustavo Bolívar, of the Historical Pact, asked for forgiveness on behalf of the political project to which he belongs.

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Regarding this fact, the person who received a kick from the public official, who is Juan Ramón Camarillo, a 32-year-old engineer, He spoke on his Twitter account and said that he hopes that there will be justice.

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And he added: “Let’s hope that justice acts. One comes to his country to try to rest and spend time with his family and from the entrance he meets complacent officials and the taxi driver who notices one’s coastal accent and wants to charge more “.

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The man also recounted that with the exception of the attacker, within Migration they “treated him well” and directed him to file a complaint about the situation he experienced upon entering the country.

Regarding the situation, Senator Bolívar said that an “aggressive and intolerant person cannot work in an entity that must serve the people.” And he asked, on behalf of the political project to which he belongs, “excuses.”

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