The leader of Mendoza’s Tupac spoke of her new political role

The referent of the Tupac Amaru from Mendoza Nelida Rojashas a new political role: she is the president of the party big forehead that is being established in the province. “We have very advanced legal procedures, although we are part of the Frente de Todos, we have some different ideas and we want to be protagonists and turn our experience of the territory to this new space,” Rojas said in dialogue with mdz.

The constitution deed of the big forehead Mendoza district that was presented has the date of October 15 and in it, as president of the board, appears red. “I am the president of the table. It is rare to participate on this side, because we have always been in the territory. I knew the comrades of the Frente Grande at the national and provincial level and now we are with all the legal procedures. We are part of the Frente de Todos, but we have some different ideas and from our experience we want to present them and contribute ideas”, said the leader.

For space, the maximum referent is the Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. “There is no other leader within Peronism like her. She challenges everyone, she doesn’t allow abuse, I don’t know who can’t agree with what she proposes. We have our own ideas but we know that the governments of Néstor Kirchner and Cristina were the best, our best years were in their efforts, ”she assured.

In addition to red, the table of the Frente Grande de Mendoza is made up of leaders with a long history in local Kirchnerism such as Virtudes DellaSanta or Carlos Almenara, among others. In addition, the attorney is the lawyer Ricardo Ermili, member of the Permanent Assembly for Human Rights. Although the leader of the tupac She is the president of the force, she ruled out being a candidate for any position for next year’s elections. “There are young people who are better prepared than me. You have to open the fan and I see that this does not happen in Mendoza. The future is them, it is the youth, which has characteristics such as creativity and also, they are not selfish. There must be a change in politics and the biggest ones must contribute, but they are the ones who must participate, ”she said. In addition, she clarified that it is very “premature” to talk about whether the Frente Grande district of Mendoza will present its own pre-candidacies within the Frente de Todos.

True to its frontal style, red He did not spare criticism for the local Peronism with whom he shares the electoral front. “Of course we have a big difference with the PJ de Mendoza. We always see the same: the (Emir and Omar) Félix; (Roberto) Righi; (Adolfo) Bermejo; (Carlos) Ciurca who is with La Cámpora. They all continue to run the party and give no place to others. And that attitude leads them to internal fights, because they always want to be the owners of the party. And we are rotten to add applause. Very serious things are happening, rights are violated. For example, on the educational issue: in Lavalle there are many children who were left without a bank. Parents go to complain to the municipality and from the commune they blame the provincial government. The issue is that they are the ones who approve the budget and the projects for the Government of Rodolfo Suarez, ”he launched.

Along these lines, he also questioned Governor Suarez and the national senator and former president Alfredo Cornejo. “We are standing on the sidewalk in front of them. An example is the promotion of jury trials, where the neighbors themselves denounce each other. We are not going to ignore everything that is happening, ”he said. On the other hand, he was very forceful with a nickname that some social movements tend to give. “They call us planeros but they are the ones who give plans or bags. We don’t want any of that. What we want are training tools. We are not asking for the bag”.

As happened in Jujuy with Milagros Salas, in April 2017 red She was arrested in the framework of a mega-cause for alleged fraud in the construction of social housing and was accused of illicit association, among other charges. She was released in September of that same year by order of the Eighth Crime Chamber. “They are prescribing the causes, because they are not advancing, we wanted them to hear our truth. I don’t know who is going to heal our pain, how they dirty us”, explained the referent of the tupac. On the other hand, she assured that the houses continued to be built based on what the cooperative she directed had done. “50 houses in Guaymallén have already been delivered and some 250 in Lavalle are going to be delivered between February or March. They continued on the basis of what we did, so much so that they criticized the construction, that is proof that it was not true that it was poorly done, ”she said.

The present of the Tupac Amaru in Mendoza it is linked to various social and training activities. “We continue to function as a textile factory, also in different training activities such as bakery, 50 women went to the meeting in San Luis. We met in a room that we have named Sebastián Moro, in homage to the journalist from Mendoza who was a victim of the coup in Bolivia,” said the leader. And she, with her firm voice, she finished: “The tupac never gonna go away Tupac Amaru died many years ago but there will always be tupac on all sides”.

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