The Regional Presidential Delegation punished Deportes Antofagasta with a fine of more than 280 million pesos after the damage caused by Colo Colo fans in a match of the 2021 National Championship.

The damage and disorders caused by the Colo Colo fans at the Calvo y Bascuñán Stadium were expensive for Deportes Antofagasta. And it is that, despite the fact that the ‘pumas’ barristas did not participate in the destruction of the chaotic match played on the last date of the 2021 National Championship, the Regional Presidential Delegation decided to punish the CDA with a millionaire fine for hosting the match.

The actions of December 4, 2021 had their tails months later, after this Wednesday, the resolution of a complaint filed by Estadio Seguro was delivered; a sanction of more than 280 million pesos (5,000 UTM).

“Club Deportes Antofagasta SADP is sanctioned as the organizer of the match played on date 34 of the National Championship”clarified the government entity.

The northern cast has the possibility of appealing this punishment within five daysOtherwise, you must pay the entire fine as compensation to the region.

It should be noted that after falling by the minimum account that game, the fans of the ‘Cacique’ caused excesses invading the field of play, stripping the players of their clothing and destroying the seats of a remodeled venue.