The judicial inter-union celebrates that they will have greater representation in technical tables

The judicial inter-union recognized the workers of the provincial Justice that accompany the unions, after the unanimous approval in the Chamber of Deputies of bill 2492/21. In this way, Law 3424-A was modified, confirming the participation of worker representatives in the Technical Committees and vindicating Law 468-A on percentages,

“From this Interunion, different issues are constantly debated, both wages and working conditions that are unified and raised before the three State Powers, and thanks to the strength and support of the bases, these fundamental achievements are reached, such as the Approval of this law, which ensures respect for the percentage established in Law 468-A, for any salary increase in the field of the Judiciary, in a fair equitable distribution, as we have always maintained,” they said.

Lastly, from the judicial inter-union, they recognized “each legislative bloc of the Chamber of Deputies who, through their representatives, knew how to listen to the unions, understood the claims and unanimously approved what is now law, as well as the governor and to the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure of the Province who supported this Legislative norm”, they closed.

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