The indications by which neighbors intercepted two subjects after the shooting death of a pilot in Coatepeque

Neighbors in Coatepeque intercept two accused of having killed the pilot of a minibus. (Photo Prensa Libre: Taken from the video of Oscar Quiroa)

Rudy Antonio Ramírez Velázquez, 39, a minibus pilot on the Magnolia-Metamercado route and vice versa in Coatepeque, Quetzaltenango, was shot to death this Friday, June 17.

The victim was transferred to the Regional Hospital of Coatepeque, where he died from the seriousness of the injuries he suffered, reported the medical staff.

This caused repudiation among neighbors who They intercepted the two alleged perpetrators of the armed attack and the situation was tense, as they tried to beat them up.

In a shared video, you can see the annoyance of a group of neighbors who point out two men as being the hitmen who attacked the driver.

According to witnesses, Both were traveling on a motorcycle after the armed attack.

“I saw you,” one of the people complained to those indicated in an altered tone.

Among the clues found by neighbors There is a motorcycle found lying on the street, a pair of tennis shoes and a black sweatshirt.

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Agents of the National Civil Police (PNC) They captured both subjects and intervened so that they were not beaten.

Ramírez Velázquez is the second pilot to be shot to death on the same route so far this year.

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