The heartbreaking message of Paula Chaves for the death of her grandfather Kaki: "I’m going to take care of…"

Paula Chaves always said that her grandparents were fundamental pillars in her life. On more than one occasion, the famous model asked her followers to send good energy to Kaki, her grandfather. Some time ago, Pedro Alfonso’s wife lost her paternal grandmother.

Have a good trip Granny Linda… I love you to infinity… you are eternal! Thank you for filling this Family with love… Thank you for teaching us so much… We celebrate your departure because you had a life full of enjoyment and love“, he wrote at the time on his social networks.

As if that were not enough, a year ago Kaki started having health problems and it was Delfina’s sister who asked for him: “In two hours they operate on the world’s most capo… We called him to give him energy and I recorded a video without audio. Think of him healthy, happy and full of life… his energies and good wishes come to him. Thank you!”.

The driver had long ago revealed the bad moment her grandfather suffered in terms of his health: “While at home, my grandfather had a stroke… His good energy and love always got him through! I beg you to think of nice things for him, Isaac Chaves.”

A few hours ago Paula Chaves gave the sad news about the departure of her grandfather. It was through her Instagram account that the famous woman shared several postcards with Kaki where she wrote with deep pain: “I’m going to make sure they know they had the best great-grandparents.”.

That was not all because he also shared a polaroid with his sister Delfina and his grandfather. “The best grandfather in the world. 97 years of absolute enjoyment. I say goodbye to you with whiskey and music. Thank you for teaching me until your last day. I loved taking care of you as much as you took care of me. I will carry you in my heart and on my skin forever. I LOVE YOU KHAKI. I never wanted this moment to come but here I am honoring your life. To Eternity“.

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