The Government revealed what they will use the extra half hour in schools for

mendoza will add half an hour more of classes in some schools elementary schools, adhering to an initiative promoted by the National Ministry of Education. This Thursday, the governor Rodolfo Suarez He explained that the extra time in the classroom will target the vulnerable sectors and mitigate the difficulties in the reading comprehension of the students. He also confirmed that teachers will charge more for this schedule change.

Yesterday the CEO of schools from the province, Joseph Thomasparticipated in the assembly organized by the Federal Council of Education, where the resolution that sets the guidelines to add more hours and days of classes in primary schools from August was approved.

During a press conference at the Penal Judicial Pole, Suarez communicated this morning was talking with Thomas about that meeting and gave definitions on how this modification will be implemented in the schedule of some educational establishments.

“That half hour plus we are going to focus on those most vulnerable sectors, especially in terms of language, which is where we have the greatest difficulties in reading comprehension,” said the provincial president.

He emphasized that it is “fundamental” to target the most vulnerable sectors after knowing the results of Operative Learning, which gave a worrying picture of the educational quality of students. “The Learn tests have shown the difficulty that children have throughout the country and that the pandemic has increased,” he stressed. Suarez.

The governor indicated that this initiative will be launched through an agreement that the Province will sign with the Nation and remarked that they are already working on it. He argued that the objective is “to determine what are the schools that they are going to have half an hour more of classes”.

On the other hand, the president confirmed that the teachers who are affected by this time extension will receive an extra salary. “Of course teachers are going to be paid more,” he said. Suarez and stressed that “there will be a contribution from the Nation and we have to see how much it will be.”


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