The gesture of Rocio Marengo that increased the rumors of separation with Eduardo Fort

Rocio Marengo on more than one occasion revealed her strong desire to become a mother. Eduardo Fort’s famous girlfriend told the press some time ago that she made the decision to start looking for what she always wanted: her first child, but without her partner.

I understand that if I’m a mom, Edu would be at the foot of the canyon by my side, accompanying me in whatever it takes. Obviously in his way because he’s very special, but I feel like if I’m a mom, he’d be by my side. I want to be happy without bothering anyone”counted.

And she added excited about her great wish: “My desire is to be a mother and perhaps it is not to tie myself to a man to be the father of my child. What I want from the partner I have by my side is to be united from love and not from a project of having had a child”.

Just a few days ago, Marley’s friend began the treatment that will make her a mother and shared it on social networks: “One more step, I am very proud of myself. A little anesthetized still, with my sister who accompanied me“.

And wrote: “I’m very happy. I appreciate all the love you send me in your messages. I will continue to be connected with myself, with my family and friends at this very personal and desired moment. I am very happy, confident and proud of myself. A cute but strong mix of emotions. Thank you for the respect, I love you.”

What was most striking was the absence of Edward Fort generating rumors of separation with Rocio Marengo. And it is that, the chocolatier did not even accompany the famous to the clinic nor did he have any public gesture with the actress.

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