The emotional recognition of two Malvinas veterans in full flight that made them cry with emotion

a flight to Puerto Madryn usual became the scene of a unexpected tribute for two ex-combatants of the Malvinas War” target=”_blank”> Malvinas. All passengers on the plane they applauded and celebrated the men, who burst into tears at the emotional moment. The video of the recognition went viral on social media.

This year the 40th anniversary of the armed conflict was commemorated, which began on April 2, 1982 and remained in the memory of the entire country. Some of the soldiers lost their lives on the battlefield and others managed to return home, where they continued a tireless fight for the recognition their heroic deeds deserve.

In this way, the passengers and crew of a plane paid tribute to two ex-combatants from Malvinas-and-demanded-the-United-Kingdom-to-resume-the-negotiations-20220610-0095.html” target=”_blank”> Malvinas traveling from Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn. The emotional moment on air was captured by multiple people and quickly went viral.

The images were shared by the also veteran William Huircapan and there you can see that the trip to the city of Chubut he was not one more for the two Malvinas ex-combatants.

The passengers who received the special affection of the entire flight had also arrived in Puerto Madryn on June 19, 1982, in what became known as “The day Madryn ran out of bread”.

With a message through the loudspeaker, the cabin captain surprised everyone with his words. “June 19 is a date that for many of you will not have any special meaning, but for two of our passengers who are Jorge Podesta and Patricio Luzzo, dear veterans ex-combatants of Malvinas-Islas-y-Sector-Antartico-why-is-commemorated-on-June-10-20220607-0008.html” target= “_blank”> Falklands“, started.

In that second, all passengers on board began to applaud and for several seconds the two ex-combatants received the tribute they deserve. Several used their phones to film the special episode and recorded the tears of emotion that Podesta and Luzzo did not contain.

The history of the return to the country of the Malvinas combatants

Similarly, the captain also said that both arrived on the mainland on the British ship Canberra then left the Falkland Islands when the war was lost. The fate of the two was uncertain and they did not know if they would be taken to Montevideo or Great Britain.

Finally, however, at six o’clock in the morning on June 19, 1982, more than 4000 Argentine soldiers landed in Puerto Madryn.

As mentioned above, the date has a particular name because when the inhabitants of the city found out that the fighters arrived on the mainland, they ran to receive them grateful for everything they did for the country.

On the day known asThe day Madryn ran out of bread“, some neighbors managed to give food, a few words of encouragement and hugs to the young people who had just arrived from the combat.

And although the meeting was later hindered by the orders of the military leadership, that day was forever etched in the memory of the city that was the first to welcome and feed the young people who fought in Falklands.

Four decades later, Jorge Podesta and Patricio Luzzo traveled to Puerto Madryn again to commemorate that special dateand were applauded by all the passengers and crew members of the plane Argentinian airlines.

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