The Colombian Football Federation ruled on the case against Ímer Machado and Óscar Julián Ruiz

Imer Machado and Oscar Julián Ruiz, are still in the eye of the hurricane, after el FIFA Ethics Committee open an investigation against former Colombian referees for alleged harassment and sexual abuse.

Although the complaints against the judges who went through the Colombian Professional Soccer, date from the year 2019, until the last days it was revived again after a note published by the British newspaper TheGuardian.

Because it has been an issue that sparked controversy in football in our country, the Colombian Football Federation decided to rule on the matter with a statement, where it indicates that it opened an ex officio investigation against Machado.

“Regarding the indications of alleged conduct of injury or endangerment of the freedom or sexual integrity of a third party by Mr. Imer Lemuel Machado Barrera, by order of August 12, 2020 the Disciplinary Commission of the Colombian Football Federation opened ex officio, preliminary investigation”began the official statement.

Óscar Julián Ruiz and Ímer Machado investigated by FIFA. Photo: Twitter

The FHRindicated that he called the referee Harold Knob, who was the one who uncovered the case, so that he could give his testimony of the facts that he denounces: “By virtue of the foregoing, the complainant was summoned so that, if it was in his interest, he would testify and provide evidence that would allow the disciplinary action to continue.”

Besides, the Federation stated that the case was closed by the Attorney General’s Office because Harold Perilla never showed up to take the evidence against Imer Machado and Óscar Julián Ruiz.

“Taking into account that the presumed interested party did not appear and in accordance with the superior and other complementary regulations, as well as the file of the investigation by the Attorney General’s Office, the case was concluded due to the procedural impossibility of continuing with it. It is noteworthy that said action was carried out within the framework of the mission and competence of the entity and the Disciplinary Commission“, the statement ended.

Harold Perilla denounced the former referees for sexual abuse.  Photo: Twitter

Harold Perilla denounced the former referees for sexual abuse. Photo: Twitter

For now, the process in FIFA so far started for the referee Harold Knob, who indicated in the newspaper Guardian that he has sufficient evidence against his colleagues in the profession.

In the meantime, Imer Machado remains in charge of appointing arbitrators in the BetPlay League and Óscar Julián Ruiz continues to carry out arbitration work in the offices of the FIFA.

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