The bank robber who gave rise to Stockholm syndrome and who has now become known on Netflix: Who is Clark Olofsson?

Clark Olofson he became known for being one of the most dangerous criminals in Swedish history. He had an ability to seduce whoever he was, that’s why they used to say that he was unique.

The most cited case was a global crime, in which he contributed his intervention. Which was inadvertent in the robbery Kreditbanken bank in Norrmalmstorg, Stockholm. But this renowned criminal was accompanied by Jan-Erik Olsson.

The hostages with Clark Olofsson.

From the day the robbery began, Sweden and the whole world were aware of what was happening inside that place in the first days. Mediators, police and all the necessary authorities had to intervene to stop the great assault.

Over the course of the hours spent with the hostages in the facility, Clark Olofsson created the Stockholm syndrome: he conquered his hostages so that they would later be in his favor when they were going to free them.

The specialists explained that it is a psychological state that achieves that the victim comes to have a “closer” link with the kidnapper. Occasionally the hostages even ended up helping the thieves to accomplish their goals and they even had a love affair with them.

Olsson turned himself in to police and received eight years in prison.

After a few days the Police managed to enter the financial establishment through an operation. When the force came in, they were surprised the victims were in favor of the robbersso they did not want to testify against him.

When the court case began, Nils Bejerot, a psychiatrist analyzed the situation and gave rise to Stockholm Syndrome. The specialist said that in a situation of confinement, the hostages believe that they should thank the kidnappers, for that reason they come to be on your side.

This thief had a great career: a six-year sentence determined by the Swedish justice, in 1998 was arrested for smuggling of 49 kilos of amphetamine in Denmark, where he was in prison for 14 years.

Years later, his home country was still looking for him. In 2008 was arrested in Varbeg and transferred to Belgium, where he was serving his sentence until 2018. He is currently 75 years old, has been free for two years and adopted the name of Daniel Demuynck. His case is known worldwide, so Netflix premiered the series called “Clark“. This visually shows what the life of this controversial criminal was like.

The Clark criminal series is available on the Netflix platform.

The film stars Bull SkarsgĂ„rd in six chapters and is directed by Jona Akerlundwho drew on Olofsson’s memory.

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