Tenderness! Puppy gets a job at the bus terminal and goes viral

Once again a street dog fell in love with social networks, this after getting a job at the bus terminal in Acapulco Guerrero.

Firulaisname of the new employee can, he is “route supervisor” and with his new position he won the affection of all the workers.

This story was shared through the social network Facebook, on a page called “Friends of Fight”where they say that this puppy became friends with the checkers, drivers, ticket clerks and assistants, so they themselves decided to give him a badge so that he would be one more collaborator of the terminal.

FACEBOOK / Friends of Lucho

It is also mentioned that Firulais arrived at the bus terminal more than a year ago. and from that moment the employees took care of him giving him food and water.

“He is affectionately known as ‘Black’ by everyone at the bus station, and he loves standing at the foot of the bus when passengers are getting on or off. He is a real supervisor,” they described in the Facebook post. That is how the employees of the place decided to give him a card that reads: “Terminal Ejido. Firulais Aplana Calles. Route Supervisor.”

The story has moved netizens who thank the terminal for feeding and caring for Firulais. Also, many of them encourage people to support animal adoption.



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