Teacher’s Day: CNTE will march in CDMX this Sunday, May 15

MEXICO CITY.- Teachers from the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE), announced that they will march this Sunday May 15 teacher’s dayin order to demand a 100% wage increase and the repeal of “the misnamed educational reform” and be served again by the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The march is agreed to start at nine in the morning at the Angel of Independence and finish on the plate of the capital’s Zócalo.

The march will be led by leaders of the CNTE in Michoacán, Gamaliel Guzmán; Eloy López, from Oaxaca; Pedro Gómez Bámaca, from Chiapas, and Mexico City, Pedro Hernández, who will speak in the Zócalo.

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On this occasion, the teachers of the Coordinator will be accompanied by members of the National Union of Electricians, the Communist Party and the National Union of Telephone Operators, among others.

CNTE former ally of AMLO

After the CNTE supported and was an ally of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in 2018, four years later it withdrew its support and changed its position by blaming him for the advance of organized crime in the country and calling him neoliberal and populist.

In the Guiding Document of the II National Political-Educational Congressprepared by the Coordinator, it is pointed out that “at the beginning of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), we characterize his political regime of neoliberal continuity, administrator of the rentier, welfare and authoritarian policy. A character who, beyond his presidential investiture , drive a populist, biased and biased discoursewhich always takes advantage”.

He adds that “all those who do not agree with his government are accused of being opponents of the self-styled 4T. This happened with the disqualifications he made to social, trade union and popular organizations by calling them conservative, as in the most recent case, when compare the CNTE with the right-wing organization FRENA (National Anti Andrés Manuel López Obrador Front).

They seek to resume dialogue tables with the government

For Gamaliel Guzmán, this Teacher’s Day “there is nothing to celebrate. We have summoned colleagues and organizations that today are also suffering from a policy ofviolation of their rights and to your demands”.

For his part, Pedro Gómez mentioned that “the costs of our day of struggle in this period are very high: teachers dismissed, assassinateddebit of payment of salaries already accrued, permanent violation of labor rights, the labor exception regime continues, the imposition of the General Law of the Teacher Career System (LGSICAMM) through its executing arm the Unit of the Career System for Teachers (USICAMM)”.

For Eloy López “the most urgent thing is for the federal government to open the dialogue tables that it already had with the CNTEbecause it’s been more than two years since he closed them and he hasn’t listened to us again”.

AMLO announces improvements for teachers

A few days ago, the federal Executive assured that Teacher’s Day will announce improvements for the teaching sector.

“On Sunday we are going to report on some improvements for the teaching profession. I cannot say more than that. We are in talks with the union and also with the CNTE because we respect both organizations, and we are thinking of improving the situation of teachers” said the chief executive.

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