"Take me to heaven": Disney + begins recordings of its first series made entirely in Chile

The production is based on the homonymous novel by the national writer Carla Guelfenbein. The cast is headed by actress Renata González Špralja.

Disney+ confirmed today the beginning of the recordings of “Take me to heaven”the new original series of the streaming platform and the first produced entirely in Chile.

Under the direction of the local producer FableThe story follows in the footsteps of Emilya young aviator who finds in a group of young people from a psychiatric center the impulse to fulfill her dream: to solve the mysterious disappearance of the mythical American aviator Amelia Earhart.

“Take me to heaven” is based on the homonymous novel by the Chilean writer Carla Guelfenbeinand features a cast of young actors and actresses led by Renata Gonzalez SpraljaEmilia in the plot.

Together with her father Julián (Pablo Cerda), Emilia shares the dream of finding Amelia’s last whereabouts and solving her mysterious disappearance, but her plans are interrupted by a family tragedy that leaves her plunged into a deep depression. .

After being admitted to a psychiatric center for young people, Emilia forms a new group of friends, with whom she shares therapies and generates revitalizing bonds. “There she falls in love with Gabriel (Roque Artiagoitía), a young man with unparalleled mathematical talent”, adds the text.

The series will be recorded in the coming months in different locations in Santiago de Chile. The cast is completed by Isabella Clemesha (Clara), Francisco Casanova (“Gogo”), Florencia del Real Berner (Domi), Vicente González Špralja (“Oso”), Luis Cerda (Jorge) and Mariana Loyola Ruz (Leila).

Composed of eight 30-minute episodes, “Take Me to Heaven” is directed by María José San Martín Munita and Sergio Castro San Martín, and was written by Catalina Calcagni and Diego Muñoz.


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