Taiwan accuses China of simulating an attack on the island: “Some planes and ships crossed the median line”

The stay of Ms. Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, is experienced as a “provocation” by Beijing, because Washington had pledged not to have official relations with the island territory claimed by China. In response, Chinese diplomacy announced Friday evening the “suspension” of several cooperation with the United States, in particular in terms of justice, the fight against drugs, but also on climate change.

On the military front, China is continuing Saturday its largest exercises ever organized around Taiwan. They must last until Sunday noon (06:00 Belgian time) and are presented as training for a “blockade” of the island.

Taiwanese authorities announced on Saturday that they had detected “multiple” Chinese planes and ships in the Taiwan Strait between the island and mainland China. “Some of them have crossed the median line” which bisects the strait and “are considered to be carrying out a simulation of an attack against the main island of Taiwan”, indicated the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense. Drawn unilaterally by the United States during the Cold War, this line has never been recognized by Beijing.

The Chinese army published on the night of Friday to Saturday the video of an air force pilot filming, from his cockpit, the coast and the mountains of Taiwan. Impressive images supposed to demonstrate Beijing’s ability to approach very close to the coast of the island.

For the first time, missiles flew over Taiwan during these military exercises, said Chinese state television CCTV. Neither the Chinese army nor the Taiwanese army, however, confirmed this information.

A warning sent to the Taiwanese president, from an independence party, and to the United States, accused by Beijing of having “betrayed” their word by strengthening their relations with the Taiwanese authorities in recent years.

Most analysts agree, however, that despite these military exercises, Beijing does not want an armed confrontation for the time being.

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