Susana Boreal responds to ridicule for ignoring the process of Congress – Congress – Politics

It was not until this year that the activist came to Congress. With a short time of having positioned himself as Representative to the House for Antioquia, Boreal finds himself in the eye of the hurricane for not knowing how the procedures of Congress work.

I would like to adhere and sign one of the proposals of representative Daniel Carvalho, please”, said the congresswoman after requesting the floor. To which she immediately added “I don’t know what the procedure is”.

“Susana, you are a congressman. He earns 36 times more than most Colombians. Is young. She had four months and 7 days to prepare for the challenge of being a leftist woman elected (within a closed list) to be in this Congress”, were some of the comments that flooded social networks.

After this media explosion, the activist and House Representative for Antioquia decided to respond to her detractors via his official Twitter account: “I’m not afraid to say I don’t know something and ask for help.”, he clarified.

This would not be the only time that the congresswoman of the Historical Pact generates controversy with her statements, because just a few hours after being elected as a representative to the Chamber for Antioquia, it was a trend and not because of her recent election. In a phase of general culture questions, the lawyer Ana Bejarano asked him how many departments Colombia has. “38”, replied the now elected congresswoman.

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