Streets of Havana will be closed for the anniversary of the death of Fidel Castro

Some streets of Havana will close this Friday, November 25 for the anniversary of the death of Fidel Castroas announced by official media.

The measures are due to celebration of a “cultural political” gala on the steps of the University of Havana, on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of Castro’s death, reported the local newspaper Havana Tribune.

Starting at 6:00 p.m. Calle Ronda will be closed, from San Rafael to San Lázaro; Neptuno Street, from Infanta to Ronda; Calle M, from 25 to San Lázaro; Calle 27 de Noviembre, from Infanta to L; 27th and University streets, from L to K; Calle J, from 23 to Universidad and Calle Jovellar from Infanta to L.

In addition, several reported diversions of transport routes affected by the cancellation of the routes.

“Starting at 6:00 in the afternoon, public transport that travels through Universidad and Ronda (Routes 20, 27, 58 and 67), will continue on G until Avenida Salvador Allende (Carlos III) and Calzada de Infanta, circulating by Zanja or San Lázaro, according to its itinerary to its usual route, ”the notice detailed.

The routes (27, 55, 195 and 222) that circulate through the intersection of San Lázaro and Infanta with an itinerary along L, will do so from Calzada de Infanta and San Lázaro through Calzada de Infanta to calle 25, left for 25 to calle L , joining his tour when the gala ends.

Among other announced changes, it was announced that Line P-6 will move to the San Lázaro bus stop between Oquendo and Márquez González (Ameijeiras Hospital), and will travel one way through Belascoaín to San Lázaro a Vapor, Parque Maceo (last stop) and will begin its return journey in San Lázaro y Oquendo, Senda Sur.

As every year, the government is preparing to honor Fidel Castro and this time it includes a cultural gala in its plans.

In several places in Cuba, the cult of the Cuban dictator acquires different dimensions.

Last year, the political organization Proyecto Nuestra América honored him with a march from El Quijote park on the central 23rd avenue of the capital, to the Malecón, where they launched a symbolic Granma yacht made by the artist Kcho, but the alleged homage didn’t work.

The yacht replica it was thrown into the sea in the middle of a wave that, together with the blowing wind, turned the model of the boat, made with cardboard and recyclable materials, upside down.

Castro’s supporters don’t stop making a fool of themselves. Despite the fact that the dictator warned that he did not want his personality cult to be carried out in Cuba after his death, his will has been and continues to be ignored.

At the beginning of the year, Sancti Spíritus commemorated the arrival to this territory of the Freedom Caravan, in 1959, with the ride of a giant painting of Castro mounted on a military jeep.

Even supporters of the Cuban regime said they had recently seen the silhouette of the former ruler on a cloud that formed in the sky between Birán and Santiago de Cuba.

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