“Step by Step”: a plural cycle to meet candidates who want to reach Congress

This Sunday the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory elections (Paso) are held. The Santa Fe women and men from Santa Fe will go to the polls to define who are the candidates who will contest seats in the two chambers of the National Congress next November. From The citizen We made a bet: we invited the pre-candidates who seek to represent us at the national level so that they can tell us who they are. This is how the “Step by Step” cycle came about, a proposal open to representatives of all political sectors who wanted to sit for a while in the newspaper’s archive to answer a ping pong of questions.

Irene Gamboa, Maximiliano Pullaro, Rubén Giustiniani, Agustín Rossi, Carlos Del Frade, Marcelo Lewandowski, Roy López Molina, Mónica Fein, Federico Angelini, Luciano Laspina, Mercedes Meier, Eduardo Toniolli, Jimena Sosa, Fabián “Palo” Oliver, Gabriel Chumpitaz, Carla Deiana and Jorge Boasso, went to the pre-candidates and pre-candidates who accepted the proposal and were part of the “Step by Step”, a series of audiovisual micros that invite you to meet the person behind the ballots. It is available in our YouTube channel and in our networks.

In addition, all of them answered questions about their political aspirations that were reflected in notes published in the paper newspaper and in elciudadanoweb.com.

From The citizen the objective is always the same: to target the plurality of voices so that Santa Fe and Santa Fe women get to the polls informed.

This Sunday, September 12, the Passages will be held throughout the country, in which it will be defined who will be the candidates and the candidates who will represent the different parties, fronts and alliances to contest the seats of national senators and deputies at the polls. in the General Election on November 14.

In the Generals, half of the seats of Deputies and a third of Senators are renewed. Thus, in November 24 senators (out of a total of 54) and 127 deputies (out of 157 seats) will be elected.

In the lower house the seats are distributed in proportion to the population of each province. For Santa Fe, there are nine seats in dispute.

Meanwhile, there are eight provinces in which the senators are renewed: Corrientes, Tucumán, Catamarca, Córdoba, Mendoza, Chubut, La Pampa and Santa Fe. For each of them three senators will be elected.

This Sunday you will be able to follow the coverage of Las Paso throughout the day at www.elciudadanoweb.com

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