So far this year, Zapopan reintroduces 187 animals

Three opossums, two alicante snakes, three caracara birds and a gray hawk that had been rescued are part of the 187 animals that Zapopan has managed to reinsert into their habitat this year.

This morning, these last animals they were reinserted into the Colomos III Water Pedagogical Forest.

“These animals have been recovered in homes or by people who report somewhere and Animal Protection goes and shelters them in the Villa Fantasia Unit where they are cared for and treated. These animals that are released today to populate this area are already in perfect health,” said the president of Zapopan, Juan José Frangie.

For her part, the director of Animal Protection, Yamile Lofte Galán, shared that the place was chosen “because we believe it is very important that this area is also populated by the animals that should be in the area, which were part of it before that we humans arrived and this will help us to have an ecological balance within the forest. We must remember that it is not only the plants; if there is no interaction with animals and insects we will not be able to have a healthy environment”.

assured that the reinsertion of the fauna does not represent a risk for the visitors to this space.

Citizens can report the presence of wildlife to the 911 emergency line or to the phone numbers of the Directorate: 33 3818 2200, extension 3285, or 33 1521 3141.


The Government of Zapopan urges citizens to follow the following recommendations in case of detecting a wild animal in urban or inhabited areas:

  • Don’t try to catch it.
  • Report it immediately.
  • Keep calm, as the reactions of a wild animal are unpredictable.
  • In general, the animal, in the presence of humans, will seek refuge as protection.
  • That refuge can take advantage of it and leave it trapped.
  • Shelter or keep away any domestic animals, such as dogs or cats.



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