SLP: Two men who extorted a woman by threatening to hurt her son have already been arrested

SAN LUIS POTOSÍ.- This Friday afternoon, the San Luis Potosí State Attorney General’s Office reported that agents of the Investigative Police (PDI) Two men arrested for alleged extortion in San Luis Potosi.

The prosecution indicates that agents responded to the call of a woman, who denounced that had to deliver an amount of cash to two individualswho demanded it in exchange for Don’t hurt one of your children.

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Due to these facts, the research elements they implemented a search device in the Tierra Blanca neighborhood, with the characteristics provided by the aggrieved party.

They found the alleged perpetrators, along with the money delivered

In this way, the authorities managed to find the location of the suspectswho were identified as Víctor “N” and Luis “N”, whom cash was found delivered by the victim.

These men They were arrested and brought before the agent of the Public Ministry. of the FGE, an instance that will integrate these facts into an investigation folder and will resolve the legal status of both.

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