Silvina Escudero said she was cold and raised the temperature with a heart-stopping photo

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Silvina Escudero uploaded a photo from behind and melted everything

“That moment in the morning when you think if you start up or go back to bed… does it happen to them?” he wrote Silvina Escudero next to a post where she is seen brushing her teeth dressed only in a tiny thong and a short shirt.

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In full move, as warned by the dirt on the mirror, “moving = dirty mirror. Know how to understand”, the dancer burst Instagram with this post.

Countless likes and comments generated the post among its more than one million six hundred thousand followers.

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Silvina Escudero burst on Saturday

Silvina Escudero took advantage of Saturday night to stay at home and drive her followers crazy from the comfort of her bed.

Always daring, the goddess posed in a super sexy red underwear set and asked her fans about their plans for the night.

silvina escudero armchair.jpg

“Very cold Saturday night. Team going out or team on the couch and Netflix?”I ask Silvina Escudero and although several gave their opinion, it was his lomazo that took all the comments.

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Silvina Escudero tried on the jean and everything exploded

The brunette shared photos in front of the mirror, where she is seen from behind and in front with her jean at half-mast.

The publication had almost 60,000 likes and more than 1,300 comments, among which those of Nazarena Vélez (who recently took photos in transparent medibacha) and Adabel Guerrero, who referred to the burning of their photos with the typical little fires.

Silvina Escudero nude.jpg

Of course, there was no lack of comments from his followers who, judging by the words and emojis chosen to address the brunette, were annoyed with the pics.

Silvina Escudero accompanied her publication with the phrase: “Today is Friday and my (she put a peach emoji) knows it! Changing me for a super mega weekend … do you already know how you are going to enjoy it?” she challenged her.

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The Divas Play service It can be contracted for an indefinite period or there are offers for months. In the event that a person wants to access all the contents by one monthmust be paid 15 dollars. In addition, the site clarifies that a transaction cost of US$ 0.99 will be added.

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