Shortage of diesel: “Possibly the increase in price and biofuel relaxes the shortage”

The national government authorized oil companies to increase the price of diesel from tonight. The rise will affect exclusively diesel fuels and will reach 12% on average in all the country.

In this regard, in dialogue with Get informedSaltaManuel Pérez, president of the Chamber of Vendors, assured that he became aware of the decision through the media. “We found out about the increase when YPF changes the price of the pump, the price is not changed by us, the oil company changes”, he explained.

In this sense, he assured that the lack of supply continues and in this context the only thing that was announced is increase the biofuel cut that diesel has from 5% to 7.5%, which will take effect in the coming days. “Possibly an increase in prices and the increase in the product available with that biofuel, relax the gap a little”, he expressed.

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