Shifts for health centers can be ordered by number and app 148 from Tuesday

“In this way, the focus is once again on primary care, which is the first level where 80% of problems are solvedprioritizing health checks and prevention,” said Nadal.

In her turn, the Undersecretary of Planning and Public Health Coverage, Mariana Álvarez, stated that “in this way, access to the health system is facilitated, prioritizing primary care as the gateway to the health system.”

health centers application 148.jpg

As of next Tuesday, patients who need to obtain an appointment at the different health centers will be able to do so through the telephone line and the 148 app.

Photo: Government of Mendoza

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How to get shifts in health centers in Mendoza

By simply calling the number or the 148 application, the patient can get his appointment at the nearest health center, shortening waiting times and improving efficiency in primary care centers.

From the Government they expressed that in this way it will be possible to request care without having to go to the establishments, to be treated at any of the 60 health centers in Greater Mendoza.

Shifts for Mendoza health centers can be requested from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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