Senate decides to support presidential decree banning glyphosate

MEXICO.- After the disagreement that occurred within the parliamentary group yesterday, Morena’s bench in the Senate chose to support the president’s decree Andrés Manuel López Obrador that had been promulgated on December 31, 2020.

said decree prohibits the use of glyphosate for crops in the country.

For his part, César Cravioto Romero, spokesman for the Morenista bench, reported that the differences were overcome and, later, he met privately with the senators Nancy Sánchez, Rafael Espino, Margarita Valdez, José Narro and Ana Lilia Rivera.

We will not deviate from the essence of the initiative. What do we want in the initiative? Well, that the document be supported, the decree signed by the President of the Republic and the legal modifications that we make in this Senate of the Republic, we literally said: ‘do not go one millimeter more than what the President proposed in the decree or fall one millimeter short of the decree itself’.

This agreement is very important.because then already differences fadeNow the differences are put aside and, we are going to specify, we are going to concentrate on the legislative reforms that are discussed and approved They will be exclusively to give legislative force to the decree of the President of the Republic“, said Cravioto Romero.

He reported that another of the agreements was that the Legal Counsel of the Presidency of the Republic and the Ministries of the Interior and Economy will be consulted so that the reforms that are achieved are within the framework of strengthen the decree of the president.

He explained that it was also agreed that while consultations are being carried out with these instances and others, the Morena senators will not make statements so as not to generate any discrepancy.

The spokesman for the majority faction remarked that once these consultations are held and the document leaves everyone satisfied, “the entire parliamentary group of Morena will support this opinion.”

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