Scandal in Lomas de Zamora: PRO councilors voted with the Frente de Todos a controversial tender

Last Saturday we discussed MDZ the scenario of José C. Paz as an emblematic case of the problems that Together for Change has to disembark in the most populous municipalities of Greater Buenos Aires due to the lack of audacity and sometimes functionality with the Peronist mayors. On July 13, the Deliberative Council of Lomas de zamora approved with the support of the majority of the mayors of the PRO and one from the UCR a controversial bidding document for the provision of public lighting for 15 years and a cost of 90,000 million pesos.

The only two councilors from the opposition coalition who voted in the negative are the representative of the Civic Coalition, Jorge Villalba and Cecilia Gómez, who responds to local leader Guillermo Viñuales. Villalba expressed that “he voted against it not only because he considered that the term of 10 years (with an option to extend for another 5 years) of the duration of the contract is excessive for a provision that has shown shortcomings in the service in the validity of the last contract, but also because among other things”.

Among these things there is the suspicion in the minority that opposed, including the leadership of the local UCR that disavowed their councilman, that this rather leonine tender “is made almost at the request of the current company.” They refer to Servilum SA, which could stay for another 15 years with the service contract. There would be four terms of municipal chiefs. “Martín had the votes to approve it but he needed the five votes of Together to leave us stuck,” adds a leader critical of the behavior of the majority of the block.

The opponents who supported this controversial initiative were led by the head of the bench, Silvia Sierra (aligned with Jorge Macri), Andrea Escribano (Patricia Bullrich), Gustavo Ganchegui (Maria Eugenia Vidal), Mabel Godoy (Néstor Grindetti) and Fanny Vera ( UCR).

Critics express that they do not understand what happened and this challenges how most of the referents of the PRO since the UCR councilor was organically unauthorized. “The councilors did not give explanations about their vote in favor of a tender for the maintenance of public lighting for fifteen years. Or maybe there is no explanation?

In any case, what is happening with PvC in the Third Electoral Section begins to worry the Buenos Aires and national leadership. In the First they know that they lose in Merlo, Moreno, Malvinas Argentinas, Escobar and José C. Paz. But they have high hopes of winning Ituzaingo, Moron, Hurlingham and Tigre.


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