Scandal in Berazategui: councilor of the Front of Everything hit a mayor of Together for Change

The violent action of Councilor of the Front of All Jorge Palacio, occurred on Thursday June 18 at the end of the session of the Berazateguense Deliberative Council, when without saying a word, the mayor who answers to the intendant and baron of the Conurbano, Juan José Mussi, wildly insulted the councilor of Together for Change Zulma Vega (2nd vice president of the body). To whom she also kicked and violently closed a door in the face of the opposing mayor, causing a blow to her face.

After this violent event, framed within what is gender violencethe Councilor Zulma Vega was assisted by his bench pair Jorge Sivori, a doctor by profession, who decided to transfer him to a local clinic, so that they carry out studies not only because of the strong blow to his face, but also to determine if the councilor She had suffered other types of injuries because she is a cancer and diabetic patient. Therefore, this violent event caused a spike in glucose, which could trigger a worsening of her physical condition.

For information he was able to collect MDZis common currency in the Municipality of Berazategui the verbal violence of the councilors of front of all in the sessions of Deliberative Council, against the opposition mayors. But he had never reached the point of physical violence and less than gender violence.

In dialogue with MDZ, Zulma Vegathe councilor attacked, recounted how the events unfolded: “The session was ending and a debate took place that escalated, with abuse Y assaults speeches by councilors officialists. Something we’re used to by now.”

He added: “When the session ended, I was talking to a councilor officialist at the door of his office and the councilor enters George Palace, a violent man with a criminal record and who spent four years in prison, screaming completely out. He started insulting me saying all kinds of barbarities kicking me out of the office. There was even one councilor of front of all present in that office and didn’t even get up to stop him.”

“He violently closes the door, I was stunned by that reaction. The councilman who was talking to me opens the door and there palaces returns to the charge against me. I again insults to the shouts, and by the violent screams of palaces the other councilors and employees of the Deliberative Council. I told him: ‘You are violent, how can you do this?’ councilor attacked.

Likewise, Zulma Vega He said that in the face of this aggression, he spoke with a Councilor of the Front of All. “You guys women councilors They don’t defend me, they don’t sympathize with me. They are watching the violence of this type and they don’t do anything, and the answer I got from the pro-government councilor was: ‘No, nothing happened here’. It is unfortunate that they endorse a violent man and all the acts of violence that have happened for years in a house in the democracyhow is he deliberative Council”, said the mayor of Together for Change.

Meanwhile, the councilwoman assaulted, thanked the signs of solidarity he received from his peers in the caucus, from legislators provincial, nationals and of the maximum referents of Together for Change.

She also thanked the calls and messages on social networks from the different women’s associations, referenced in the largest opposition coalition. And she was dismayed that the local mayor did not call her, nor did the councilors of the front of all (just one Councilor of the Front of All sympathized with her), nor any of the feminist collectives. “It hurts me and I am concerned that none of the feminist groups, nor the councilors of the front of all being that they fill their mouths talking about violence against women and I am part of the gender commission”, he said.

Councilor Jorge Palacio, together with Mayor Juan Jose Mussi.

And he added: “What worries me the most is that he did not call me musi (intendent of Berazategui and suburban baron) nor Patricio his son (former mayor), since they have known me for more than thirty years. But what can I expect if they allowed a violent guy with a criminal record to enter the list?

Meanwhile, he confirmed that he made the complaint to the women’s police station. She affirmed that in the next session they are going to denounce and request the expulsion of Palacios. “I am going to ask Minister Gómez Alcorta and her counterpart from Estela Diaz province to present my case and apply the sanctions and the weight of the Law to this violent character,” she added.

From the PRO Women of the Province of Buenos Aires expressed, in social networks, their rejection of what happened and demanded disciplinary sanction for the mayor of the entire legislative body: “Since PRO Women PBA we accompany the councilor of Berazategui Zulma Vega and we repudiate the attacks and mistreatment suffered during the last session in the Honorable Deliberative Council”, and they maintained that “it is useless to make public demonstrations in favor of the Not one less if when physical, verbal and political violence is exercised, Legislators of the Front of All they make a complicit silence”.

The silence of the municipality is striking, especially the Mayor John Joseph Mussi, regarding this topic. As is also very striking the silence and the lack of sorority of the councilors of front of all and of the feminist collectives that they did not communicate with Zulma Vega, to show solidarity with her, or to accompany her in a request for the expulsion of George Palace the violent councilman

It gives the feeling that the sorority was selective. They say that a button is left over for a sample, that is why the cases of the former provincial senator of the Campora, Jorge “El Loco” Romero, and the former governor and national senator for Tucumán Joseph Alperovichboth denounced by sexual abusewhere the striking silence of the feminist groups and the Frente de Todos made a lot of noise.

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